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Now in its third season, the Concert Series in 2014 will once again feature a Friday evening gospel concert, followed by a day of bluegrass music at the Kenneth E. Cowan Civic Center in Lebanon, Missouri. 

The two concerts will be held on the week-end of March 21-22 and feature three family groups, providing some of the best sibling harmony in the nation.  Both concerts will feature rising bluegrass and gospel stars The Roys, a brother and sister duo who grew up in Canada.  The gospel concert begins at 7 p.m. on Friday night, and includes The Kellys, a sister and three brothers from Norwood, Missouri, and a gospel group well-known throughout the region.  Saturday’s bluegrass show begins at 2 p.m. and also features a family group, the Church Sisters, fresh new faces from Virginia.  In addition, young fiddle sensation Brett Dudenhoeffer will return after performing at our 2013 bluegrass concert.

Tickets for the entire week-end are $25, with tickets for the March 22 bluegrass concert on sale for $20, and March 21 gospel tickets just $10, with discount prices for church groups.  They are available by calling 417-532-6502 or visiting Morgan Music in Lebanon.

The Roys  www.theroysonline.com
The Church Sisters  www.thechurchsisters.com
The Kellys  www.thekellysgospelband.com
Brett Dudenhoeffer  www.brettdudenhoeffer.com
Morgan Music http://www.morganmusic.com/
Cowan Civic Center

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